Video: Temporal Distortion

A brilliant astrophotographer took some amazing time-lapse video of the night sky at different locations. Then he put them together in a video. Then he sent that video to Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary, composed music to fit the video.

Wernher von Braun standing next to a Saturn V

Saturn V math

I have been reading up on the Apollo program and the Saturn V rocket that NASA used to execute it. If you have not studied that period of American spaceflight, I highly recommend it. There is so much to learn about it. I was looking over the very impressive capabilities of the Saturn V, in … Continue reading

Science and shit, literally

Meanderingleaf suggested this story. There has been a story floating* around the web lately about a group of Japanese coming up with a way of converting human feces into artificial meat, suitable for human consumption. It has stirred quite a bit of chatter. The process involves reclaiming protein-rich “sewage mud,” extracting that protein and lipids … Continue reading

Flawed Human

You are fundamentally flawed. It’s okay. So am I. Every human who has ever lived has shared the same set of shortcomings. I am talking about the failings intrinsic to human perception. People tend to think they have a good handle on things when, in fact, our brains and our senses are not wired for … Continue reading

Cooking and the death of science

Over mothers day weekend I had a chat with my father-in-law, a real foodie. He had recently purchased  the $400-ish dollar collection Modernist Cuisine, and was regaling me with stories of how exact food measurements must be in order to produce the perfect edible concoction. It really struck me how scientific cooking had become. His … Continue reading

Bill Nye the heretic

I realize this is old news, but I feel it deserves a place on Science and Shit. While instructing some young kids at a school in Waco, Texas, Bill Nye was booed by several members from the audience. Of course, Nye is a very controversial figure and it is to be expected that something like … Continue reading

Atlas of the Universe

Avoid the Void

Large-scale cosmological structure is really interesting. There are superclusters of galaxies that are organized into filaments. These filaments are each composed of hundreds of billions of galaxies. Between these filaments are voids. These voids are big. Really big. You wouldn’t believe how big these voids are. Inside these enormous intergalactic voids are few to zero … Continue reading

Dark Matters

This week, PhD Comics had a video comic strip. It basically illustrates how we are just at the beginning of understanding the Universe. We only understand a small portion of what the Universe does and how it does what it does. Just when it looks like two branches of science are not that related, someday … Continue reading